About us

JAs perfumes is one of the excellent manufacturer of variety of perfumes and fragrances for multiple purpose with the tested natural ingredients. We are manufacturing perfumes, perfume oils, home fragrances and aromatherapy oils with the 100% natural ingredients which is collected from various parts of our country. We have introduced this company in Indian market to fully utilize the natural resources of our country and supply the products to the consumer with the affordable prices.

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We are working hard to provide the excellent scents and aroma to the consumers with the quality ingredients from Indian natural resources. At the same time, we are also making home fragrances and aromatherapy products by blending the various herbs and spices manually to give the excellent outcome in the perfume market. The natural resources in our country are enormous and we deserve to indulge the quality and healthy natural products in our daily life in different ways such as perfumes, fragrances, foods and medicinal products. On the other hand, huge amount of natural products are being exported to the foreign countries from India every year. By this way, the first quality of most of the products are allotted for exportation purpose. We believe that the utilization of our own natural resources in right way like collecting, extracting and manufacturing by our own will save lot of money in several products such as cosmetics, perfumes and fragrances.

We are really working hard with innovative thinking to provide the best quality products within the Indian market. The main objective of the JAs perfumes is to provide first quality products to the consumer with the best affordable prices. We promise that you could easily include JAs perfume’s products in your regular budget. We are proudly saying that we give more attention to health and safety concern in choosing the ingredients for the products. And we assure you that we will have a strong policy and conditions for best customer services in dealing with our products.

JAs perfumes specially formulated for the real indulgence of fragrance which is truly manufactured with the Natural resources proudly collected from India. A 100% Indian perfumes. Smell the soil of India. Indian soil, former’s trick, JA’s formula and a magical fragrances.