About Us

“Smell the soil of India”

Jas perfumes is one of the finest manufacturers of perfumes and fragrances for multiple purposes with the tested natural ingredients.

We manufacture perfumes, perfume oils, home fragrances and aromatherapy oils with the 100% natural ingredients treasuredfrom various parts of our country.
We have integrated our country’s magical fragrance by utilizing our country’s natural resources to provide a genuine product to our customers with the most affordable prices.

We are really working hard to provide world class products in the Indian market with strong policy for better customer services in dealing with our products.
Jas perfumes is specially formulated for the real essence of fragrance with key attention towards health and skin friendly ingredients for our products.

Finding such an in-expensive 100% Indianperfume of top-notch quality is nearly impossible in our Indian market.We have produced over 200+ women’s and men’s fragrances and are still researching for modernized market expectations.

Our retail operations are done via E-commerce covering all the major cities of INDIA. We deliver worldwide via our overseas office and business partners for wholesale orders.